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Wireless Scanner
Wireless 2D Imager Scanner

Delivering efficiency, durability and compact size, the device combines superior 1D and 2D barcode scanning with the freedom of wireless technology. The well integrated mobility design allows users to move around without being restricted, while supporting high comfort over long periods of operation. MS842P is a friendly device for a broad variety of markets and applications. Mobility and Reliability While sustaining a 1.8 meter drop to concrete, MS842P incorporated with IP42 rugged design for protection against dust and moisture. In additions to offer a 10M operation range via its USB dongle, the simple plug-and-play design of MS842P makes the installation much easier without complicated set-up. Moreover, the built-in long life trigger of 10 million times guarantees a continuous productivity for best reliability. In addition to all of those benefits, the MS842P helps to store data in a buffer mode while it is out of range of the wireless signal, and also upload the data when it gets back in range. Improve Efficiency and Productivity Beyond its versatility, the desktop charging cradle is provided to store and recharge the scanner, as well as to check the charging status by the power LED indicators. Featuring high speed decoder and high performance engine, MS842P is a great tool to improve productivity at the point of sale, industrial shipment management and inventory management. There is no doubt that MS842P is one of the most efficient wireless scanning solutions in its class. Features ‧Mobility wireless design with 10M operation range. ‧Built in high performance 2D engine & decoder. ‧Durable, Compact and Long life trigger design ‧Rugged design by IP42 and 1.8m drops ‧Buffer mode for out-of-range reading

Simplest but Goodest

Unitech has unleashed the industry’s best value in an industrial handheld laser scanner. The MS840P is ideal for various solutions in warehousing, retail, and healthcare, where flexibility, durability, and reliability are essential. With an intuitive wireless design, the MS840P provides users with greater productivity without restrictions, while also supporting high comfort over long periods of use.  Its durable functions and convenient wireless design makes the MS840P the ideal scanner for a variety of applications in warehousing, retail and healthcare field. Beyond its versatility, the MS840P offers piece of mind. Unitech designed this scanner to still collect data when it is out of range allowing that data to later be synchronized.  It also has been tested and certified with an IP42 rating, which means it is safeguarded from water and dust to a certain threshold. In addition, it is durable enough to withstand multiple 6 foot drops to concrete.The Unitech MS840P allows users to perform such tasks as take accurate inventory, speed up checkout, and administer the correct medication. Features • High-speed Mantis decoder • Long life trigger design • Plug and play • Buffer mode for out-of-range reading • Cradle is for charging and data transmission  

Wireless scanning at its best

 The new Unitech MS840B wireless laser scanner is enriched with a high-speed Mantis decoder and a powerful scan engine to optimize data capture efficiency. Supporting point-to-point and multi point-topoint use, the MS840B allows at least 3 guns to transmit and secure data to one cradle.   With a rugged wireless design, the MS840B provides greater flexibility and productivity for users to move without restrictions for real-time data connection, while also sustaining comfort over long periods of use. Able to scan up to 300-feet away from the host, the MS840B stores data in a buffer mode while it is out of range of the wireless signal, uploading the data when it gets back in range. Ideal for various applications in warehousing, retail and healthcare, the MS840B is easy to operate, able to take accurate inventory, speed up checkout, and administer the correct medication. Able to withstand multiple 6-foot drops to concrete and IP42-rated environmental seal against water and dust, the MS840B can maintain its high performance in the harshest environments. Providing different configuration capabilities for USB, RS232 and PS2, connection is convenient with the MS840B. It also supports HID and SPP protocol, allowing users to connect to a PC or PDA directly. With a cradle that can mount to a desk or wall, a long life trigger design, and page calling for scanner tracking, the MS840B provides endless convenience and ease-of-use while lowering the overall investment cost so you can do more for your business.   Features: • High-speed Mantis decoder • Long life trigger design • One cradle supports up to 3 scanners • Supports SPP & HID • Buffer mode for out-of-range reading